Shramik Naari Sangh (Sa-Ni-Sa) thrives to integrate the talent of contemporary and less-privileged women to build an ‘inclusive’ society. The management and creative side of the Society represents a team of like-minded people from mainstream who initiate projects with the objective of economic uplift and empowerment of less-privileged women in India. The activities are centered to harness the untapped talent of disadvantaged women and provide a platform for entrepreneurship.

Sa-Ni-Sa’s reform initiatives are aimed at mitigating the dire social and economic conditions that undermine the progress of less-privileged women. We engage enterprising women in programs that utilize their skills and train them to scale newer heights, foster a sense of entrepreneurship and above all, create opportunities to attain financial independence. Our initiatives are based on the premise that the families of aware, skilled and independent women should not fall by the wayside just because the innate entrepreneurial talent of these women has not been channeled productively.

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  • Flavors: Jeera, Methi, Breakfast, Khichadi, Peppery Oats, Nachini, Bajri Methi
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To make a visible difference in the quality of life of less-privileged women by promoting sustainable development and build up an ‘inclusive’ society for economic growth and spiritual evolution.



To bond rural and tribal women who are committed to exchange their art, talent or skill sets in multi-disciplinary activities so that they can move together towards a promising and financially secure future for themselves and their families.


Roasted Crips, a quality product trusted by YOU endorsed by NUTRITIONISTS

Chaakri Khakhras

100% Whole Wheat

Roasted not fried

Zero Trans fat

Vacuum Sealed

Women Empowerment

More than 60 women from rural India are involved in Chaakri from Preparation, Production all the way to Distribution


India’s leading hospitals including The Asian Heart Institute and Jupiter Multi-specialty Hospital have included our products in their diet for patients



Eco Friendly

Made from recycled magazine paper


Udaan means “flight” in the Hindi language. In the true sense of the word, Udaan is an endeavor to develop the untapped craft skills of women and provide them with a means of earning their livelihood


Udaan is the result of Sa-Ni-Sa’s Employment Generation Program, especially for tribal women