Udaan is beautiful handcrafted jewelry made from paper (that's right). It is eco friendly, green and empowers the women!!.

Udaan means “flight” in the Hindi language. In the true sense of the word, Udaan is an endeavor to develop the untapped craft skills of women and provide them with a means of earning their livelihood, thus giving them the wings and freedom to achieve their dreams.

Paper is one of the most versatile materials for jewelry making. Beads made from magazine papers form the heart of these masterpieces. These are hand rolled by under-privileged women, beautifully articulated with stones and decorative pieces to be transformed into beautiful jewelry made for all occasions.


Under brand Udaan, Sa-Ni-Sa manufactures elegant handicrafts and artifacts. Udaan is the result of Sa-Ni-Sa’s Employment Generation Program, especially for tribal women.

Tribal women are usually poorer than rural village women, but their art and craft skills are known across the globe for their unique beauty and charm. Fully aware of this fact, Sa-Ni-Sa has focused on training them in handicrafts rather than food products.

The journey of Udaan has been a challenging one, since these women are most unwilling to think about their future. We commenced our employment generation program with training them in making Diyas. Every single aspect of the project, like arranging for raw material, infrastructure, training, manufacturing, logistics and marketing of the products has been a learning experience for us. The quick grasp, skill and talent of these tribal women encouraged us to expand the product range extensively and set up the first – ever Vocational Training Centre in Sudhagad, Maharashtra.

Handcrafter Paper Jewelry

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