Aurum is the latin word for a precious metal commonly known as gold - and that is exactly what the hearts of the women of Aurum are made of. Aurum, a unit of Udaan, is an initiative of the Shramik Naari Sangh (Sa 'Ni' Sa) which provides rural women in India the power of financial independence enabling them to care for their families and spread their creative wings with the help of our creative leads, both local to California and India.

Aurum uses a combination of traditional Indian design, a touch of modern flair and an ecological conscience to create truly unique and durable jewelry made out of recycled paper and local gemstones where no two pieces are alike and individually represent the story of the woman behind the art.  All our paper beads are handrolled by the women from 29 tribal villages near Mumbai, Maharashtra in India.  These beads are then designed into one of a kind jewelry by hands by our creative leads.